Branded Products

For 50 years Sigma has sought, from among select certified producers throughout Italy, those who offer the best guarantees of goodness, freshness, and convenience for the day-to-day grocery shopping needs of consumers. It demands from its suppliers the use of quality raw materials and natural resources to guarantee the continuous wholesomeness of its products. It verifies the provenance from chains of production that are rigorously monitored from origin to time of purchase, in order to always ensure maximum quality. It adopts the highest standards of professionalism, transparency, and safety, so that it will be worthy of consumer trust each and every day.


Il gruppo SIGMA

Siamo una delle più grandi organizzazioni 100% italiane d’imprenditori della grande distribuzione. Una società cooperativa che riunisce 8 Centri Distributivi e dispone di una rete di oltre 1.400 punti vendita sul territorio nazionale.